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Roommate wanted: Shoreline, WA

Posting about this again because I'm still looking; for people who are too far away for this to be remotely interesting even in a context of someone else's potential interest, I beg your indulgence.

I'm still scrambling for someone to occupy the MBR in this house. It's huge and beautiful and includes its own bathroom, dressing area, and a walk-in closet bigger than some rooms I've lived in all on its own. The house is in a lovely quiet part of Shoreline, right up against the Seattle border, and close to everything from shopping to bus routes to I-5, while being offset from the road enough to avoid noise or dangerous roads. I'd let it go for a straight financial exchange, for the right roommate (in that context, it's $650/month plus utilities), but my preference is to trade part or all of the rent for work. Housekeeping and babysitting my two grade-schoolers, to be specific.

If it's being traded for the complete rent (including an extra hundred or so in utilities -- water, sewer, electric, heat, gas, plus some of the luxury utilities like cable TV and wireless internet), the job is about 25hrs a week. Mostly afternoons, starting with picking my kids up at school at 3PM and taking care of them until 8PM M-Th, till 6PM Fri, except for the evenings when I take them instead, which will vary but I always give warning of what I'll need when, and negotiate details to my tenant's needs as well as my own. Housework like dishes (there is a dishwasher, it just needs to be loaded and run), laundry, cleaning up, etc. would need to be done during the babysitting time; I count heavily on my tenant to keep their eyes open for what needs to be done and do it without being told, since I'm often not as much aware of what's going on in the rest of the house as they are. I'm usually in my room studying or resting if I'm home and not with the kids. The other chunk of time would be mornings, 7:00-8:00AM, to get the kids fed breakfast and chivvied into readiness, and take them to school. Total time ranges from 20-28 hours in a given week, averaging about 23. Weekends are always off-duty, as the kids are with their father then.

The other, part-work option on the room is to pay $500/month including rent and all utilities, and then do two evenings a week of babysitting and get the basic housework done at the same time. It's better for people with outside jobs, especially full-time... it's possible to do the first option with a part-time job, if the hours dovetail properly, but not a full-time one. This form, it is, if someone has a reasonable amount of energy and organization.

Or it can be paid for in pure cash, with no work involved. In that case, it's $650 plus an extra $100/month covering all utilities, and at that point I use the rent money to hire the work done by someone else altogether.

If anyone knows of someone who might be a good fit for this arrangement, please point them this way or let me know? I really want to get this sorted out quickly; I'd had someone who intended to move in a week ago, and they backed out at the last moment, so I'm struggling to get someone good quickly. This is public; please feel free to signal boost if you have acquaintances in the Seattle area or who might want to be!

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