January 26th, 2012


Generic public statement

The short version is that things are getting better between me and cflute. We'll never be a couple again, neither one of us has the slightest interest in being a couple again, but we're making progress toward being able to get along.

Part of that progress is a joint decision to refrain from any public internet posts about each other after this one. Private -- as in, not merely friendslocked by via opt-in filter only -- is still permitted, but I hope we'll both be able to be substantially less bitter in those.

If anyone wants to follow the details of what actually goes on in the course of, hopefully, continuing to make progress, feel free to opt into that tight filter via comment here. All comments will be screened and I will not reply to them, so that they don't come unscreened. I'll just add you without saying so.

To everyone else, thank you for being patient with us, and the issue is now closed.
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