January 21st, 2012


Considering migration

Not physical, though I'd love to if I could take my children with me. Since that ain't happening soon, and because LJ is being a dick one time too many even for me, I'm probably migrating my journal to Dreamwidth and staying put there. No, I won't crosspost, I don't want to bother learning how and I won't be following comments both places anyway. Most of the time these days I use Facebook for telling people what's going on with me anyway, because I do my politics there anyhow and it's easier. But I will keep a journal, mostly for when I want to say more than a quick status update.

So, for the people who want to find me, you can likely find me there instead of here. And since the hardest part of establishing myself there is getting a friendslist set up out of nothing instead of here where I've assembled a fairly large one piece by piece, if you'd like to be on said friendslist there, please comment here and tell me so. Or comment there, for that matter. My username there is pocketnaomi, same as it is here.